Chapter Leadership


Collegiate Chapter President

Mya serves as a role model for chapter members, is knowledgeable about chapter operations, and inspires officers and members to work together toward accomplishing the chapter’s goals.

  • Name: Mya Washburn
  • Academic Year: Senior
  • Major: Nursing
  • Involvement: Student Nurses Association

Tara Crosby

Vice President of Operations

Tara efficiently and effectively manages the overall operations of the chapter, as well as officer accountability.

  • Name: Tara Crosby
  • Academic Year: Junior
  • Major: Business Administration (Marketing Concentration) and Economics
  • Involvement: Business Club, Spellman Economic Apprentice, and Violin Player in Symphony Orchestra

Samantha Coleman

Director of Academic Excellence

Sam is an expert on the chapter’s academic requirements and initiatives. She ensures academics are a priority for both individual members and the chapter as a whole.

  • Name: Samantha Coleman
  • Academic Year: Junior
  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Involvement: Intramural Volleyball

Kirah Kolpin

Director of Risk Management & Wellness

Kirah is responsible for promoting a safe and secure environment by educating the chapter on risk management. She shares resources with the chapter to provide opportunities for members to learn about health and wellness.

  • Name: Kirah Kolpin
  • Academic Year: Junior
  • Major: Nursing
  • Involvement: Student Nurses Association

Lexie Olson

Director of Social Events

Lexie plans all of our social events from start to finish, including our Formal Dance! She also coordinates events between Tri Delta and other Greek Life on campus. She hopes to create new opportunities to engage our chapter.

  • Name: Lexie Olson
  • Academic Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Mathematics
  • Minor: Economics

Claudia Bilkey

Director of Philanthropy

Claudia oversees the chapter’s philanthropic fundraising efforts to establish a culture passionate service in chapter members. She leads the fight to end childhood cancer through fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

  • Name: Claudia Bilkey
  • Academic Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Business Administration (Marketing Concentration) & Public Relations
  • Involvement: Tennis, Triathlon, and a Career Services Advisor

Makayla Woodward

Director of Public Relations & Marketing

Makayla promotes a positive public image for the chapter through this website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She creates our recruitment video and keeps the public informed about all philanthropic events.

  • Name: Makayla Woodward
  • Academic Year: Junior
  • Major: Psychology
  • Involvement: Intramural Volleyball

Faith Resnick

Director of First Year Experience

Faith leads all education for new members during their first year in Tri Delta. She empowers new members to find community within the chapter to create a strong sisterhood.

  • Name: Faith Resnick
  • Academic Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Nursing
  • Minor: Health in Society
  • Involvement: Student Nursing Association and Hand in Hand Volunteering

Maddy Kunkel

Director of Lifetime Membership

Maddy supports the idea of lifelong membership in Tri Delta by incorporating alumnae presence into chapter events and programs whenever possible. She also coordinates education efforts for upperclassmen to prepare for life after college.

  • Name: Maddy Kunkel
  • Academic Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Nursing

Talia Parenteau

Director of Member Selection

Talia collects, processes, and organizes all potential new members information throughout the year. She educates us all on the voting process for membership selection and ensures the chapter follows procedure.

  • Name: Talia Parenteau
  • Academic Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Elementary Education